We work with your leadership team with a repertoire of time tested innovation led growth framework , patent-pending Innovation management software and lots of whiteboards.



We generated over 500 + ideas which resulted in monetizable concepts. Ienabler’s approach helped us to move from a manegerial to an entreprenurial mindset.

General Manager, Airport Business

iEnabler’s structured approach empowered us to solve deeper science problems and commercialize the concepts.  

Senior Scientist, CSIR Labs

iEnabler’s Landscape approach helped us predict the next growth trajectory. Your tools & techniques are very powerful & indeed a true enabler

Senior Architect, Bosch

Our Insights delivered as advisory services

Innovation Flow

is built on Focus, Leap , Orient and What Next Framework

The heart of Innovation is generating insightful ideas and taking them successfully to the Market. The Innovation process itself is like a journey where we start by identifying an unmet or unarticulated market need. The Innovation evolves on its way through generation of new ideas, proof of concept experimentation and an incubation phase that strengthens the Idea. Thet destination is reached when the Idea is developed into a Product or a service and delivered to the Market.Innovation FLOW is built on Focus, Leap, Orient and What next framework and provides systematic tools that helps ideation and innovation become pervasive. These workshops will have participants from diverse background and work on opportunity statements that your company wants to focus on.

Innovative Contradiction Principles program is based on time tested TRIZ methodology and many man years of experience that our consultants have spent customizing it to various contexts like Product development, Service Design and creating new business models. Ienabler’s framework includes resolving contradictions for Innovators, Managers and Leaders at top.
    • Patterns of invention
    • Ideal Final Result concept
    • Inventive Principles & Contradiction Matrix
    • Contradiction Principles for Business Problems
    • S-Curve Analysis and into the Trends of Evolution

Innovation Contradiction Principles

Service Innovation

Innovation Enabler’s Service Innovation Framework goes beyond products and covers the entire business ecosystem.

Service Innovation Framework goes beyond products and covers the entire business ecosystem. We understand that the secret of true service innovation is to shift the focus away from the service solution and back to the customer.The best guide to discovering service innovation opportunities is knowing how customers define value and the types of customer needs that can direct meaningful service innovation. Our Service Innovation practice focusses on

  • Breakthru Service Innovation which focusses on New Service Innovation
  • Core Service Innovation
  • Delivery & Supporting Services Innovation

Innovation Consulting

Our qualified innovation consulting approach, is focused on serving clients to carve, constitute and build their future. By using our strategic thinking methodology supported by the state of the art innovation tool in vogue, we shall help you to identify new products, services, business models and customer experiences to drive new income modes and avenues.
Consulting Services include
  •   Setup Innovation Process & Methodolgy
  •   Readiness & Health of Innovation at Organisations
  •   Co Create Products, Services & Business models
We guarantee sustainable growth, staying in shape and preparing for a new landscape. Associating with our clients, we develop tailored and thorough recommendations in collaboration with best minds

Innovation in Action


The Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) is a premier Industrial R&D Organisation in India with over 40 Labs working in various fields of sciences. CSIR approached Innovation Enabler to mentor a bunch of Scientists researching on diverse technologies like Aero, Advance materials, Chemicals, Ocean Science, Leather, Road Research labs etc.,. These Scientists wanted to create a Road Map for commercialising their technologies and create an active pipeline of Ideas for their Labs.
Innovation Enabler delivered 3 day workshop on Structured Innovation FLOW and this resulted in a few patentable ideas and every scientist generated more than 20 concrete ideas for their Labs. Innovation Enabler has continued its association and is working with Individual Labs like NCL, NAL etc., This has been widely documented and is available on our website


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