Your Journey to Growth


Inquire to develop shared understanding of the challenges. Ask critical questions to evaluate an organization’s competitive advantage.


Spot revenue generating and true value creating growth. Growth that is beyond competition and that gives an unfair advantage to your businesses.


To create successful growth strategies, ienabler’s ideation capabilities brings together a structured framework of divergent and convergent tools.


Measure the net impact at organization level by monetizing the concepts to create profitable outcomes. Create your S Curve.


We are team of Innovation Sherpas with decades of experience to help you choreograph the next wave of growth. We have also helped companies with breakthrough strategies to boost revenues, increase profits or to establish an unfair competitive advantage.




Envisioning a New Growth path for a Major International Airport

We worked across business units and generated multiple growth concepts. The final portfolio had a couple of Transformational and Incremental growth concepts.

Creating unfair competitive advantage for a large Textile Engineering Machinery company

We worked with a cross-functional team in a Textile Engineering Machinery company and helped them to Co-Create the products by involving their customers and users.

A large diversified research lab wanted to foster challenges to commercialization

We provided a structured approach to convert their challenges to Concepts and Concepts to Commercialisation.Couple of patent ready solutions were delivered.

An Automotive major wanted a structured ideation to ride the next growth wave

Our structured approach with tools and techniques to gaze the future Landscape helped innovators to generate multiple solutions using iot as a platform.

How will iEnabler help you to chart next Growth curve?



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