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Product Innovation

New Products contributes to higher growth in organizations but at the same time, 7 out of 10 products fail. How to get your Product Innovation & Strategy right ? be it New products or Incremental approach to product development. Ienabler’s Opportunity analyzer helps you not only to spot opportunity for newproducts but allows you to do a thorough problem analysis to find out the root causes and look at disruptive ways to solve the problem. case in point : A textile equipment manufacturing company generated 2 new product concept using enablers approach

Process Innovation

Traditional process optimisation techniques have reached their saturation and business to grow need Innovation in the process. This has potential to impact product development, Service Initiative and in some cases create new business models. ienabler’s offering helps you to create disruptive process and enhance business value manifolds. Case in point : A Food chain in Airport had a contradiction to resolve. While it wants Passengers to use its varities of offerings and maximize revenues, Passengers have very little time to spend. So, they conceptualised new process to reach passengers on the move using ienabler’s offering.

Service Innovation

Services make up biggest contributor to growing economies GDP. New economies are more and more service led. The need for Innovation across touch points from source to satisying customer is important.   ienabler’s Service framework helps you to look at services holistically and generate new concepts. case in point : An Airport operator generated 1000 + ideas across various businesses to fuel their growth

Business Model Innovation

New business models like Uber, Airbnb , SaaS in software are examples of unique combination of Process, Service and offer ultra convenience to customers. Ienabler has full suite of offering to create or improve the existing business model and generate growth case in point: A Growing business diversified their activities from pure manufacturing to trading and are reaping profits


As a Leader you would be able to strategise Innovation and create Road map for your organisation. Dashboards and analytics helps you decide on what kind of portfolios to bet on for growth. As a Chief Innovation Officer, you will be able to manage the entire Innovation Program and measure ROI. As a CEO, you shall be able to monitor the Innovation outcomes.

Innovation Manager

As an Innovation Manager, You will be to able to setup Innovation Process, Define checklist, evaluation criterion to ensure successful outcomes. You would be able to steer team towards success.

People Officer

Enticing and soliciting modern innovative cultures requires a whole new approach in the design of any organization.With ienabler, You could make innovation All Pervasive.


With ienabler , you shall be empowered with tools, techniques in order to solve the problems, Sow your Ideas & Opportunties. Nurture your concepts, Incubate your business plan and when you have all that it takes, commercialize your opportunities

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