iEnabler is an “Innovation Enabler”

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Analyze Problem

iEnabler’s Analyze problem module, brings in new techniques to problem solving and helps one to go deep into the Inquiry phase of Growth journey. This new wave, helps you identify and detect pain points and essential desideratum needs of your business. It provides you with an in-depth analysis of your problem with our proven techniques. This pristine tool incorporates all cross functional capabilities and generates a problem landscape that helps you understand issues at system, super & sub system levels and thereby empowering you with all that is needed to to turn things around.
  •  Get insight into the real problem before investing in solution
  •  Improve customer success and grow by providing solution that really solves the problem

Generate Idea

iEnabler’s Ideation module is a synergy of divergent and convergent ideas. It takes you away from your comfort orbit and helps you to get a divergent view and then application of that to your problem will be systematically explored. It helps you to create a culture that supports innovation and establish go to market strategies that accelerate your return on innovation.To connect big picture thinking from keynotes to your actual,You should know when to spin and when to nuzzle and when to stop in the idea generation space

  • Depict yourself to new environment and situations to gather qualitative and quantitative ideas
  • Move from output to outcome based approach

Spot Opportunities

Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and Innovation. Growth is the ultimate goal for all businesses. Growth be it in New or existing business, products or service has to be spotted, created & nurtured with meticulous refinement.



Allows you to think in all tangent for advancement of identifying opportunities and growth spots .


iEnabler’s techniques would help you to disrupt, rattle and rummage conventional thinking and helps you think beyond your competitors.

Map Opportunities and growth spots to Strategy roadmap to get a sense of Market & Technology trends.

Retrogression and impairment of growth is seized by ameliorating techniques

Define Ideal Final Solution

Executives attempting to see the “End Result” without the required curiosity will come into a confined view. It is a contemporary practice and an arrangement prescribed to visualize and define the end result first. It could be a Business Vision, Product Roadmap or a Service definition.
  •  Clarity on goals and execution strategy becomes smart, powerful and easy to manifest
  •  Dreaming and visioning translates to Performance and target for expertise for the right investments


Every aspect of innovation from satisfying a need, to solving a problem, to marketing, to selling, to serving customers is an expression of creativity.  But for every great idea that gets launched, only few  succeed. This iEnabler module helps in translating the concepts generated in Idea Solution Generator to Business Plan. A detailed market analysis, financial analysis, IP analysis, Strategy fitment analysis is part of this module. Here your activities are converted to progress. The peerless culminating monetization strategy will be a definite outcome to meliorate your innovation plan


Innovation Project Management

Our Project management processes and techniques are used to coordinate resources to achieve predictable results by clearly defining the objectives, Understanding the constraints. This module helps manage your varied innovation projects (Incremental ones, Disruptive ones, etc.) by setting up teams, budgets and timelines. You get to define your customer evaluation criterions, and Innovation Enabler’s smart wizard helps suggest the most important questions that you must be asking in every stage! You can keep the thought flow linear while allowing non-linear idea generation. You get customized alerts, messages and time stamped overviews letting you know where you and your project truly stand!

Innovation Portfolio Management

Risk, Returns, Adjustments and Balance are the key focus in this Module. It helps you to measure your innovative investments across different projects. You and your leadership Team shall track minute by minute progress on innovation in Current streams, Exploration streams and Evolutionary teams. Benefits:
  • Executing the most value-producing projects by directing the funds towards worthy initiatives
  • Easy progress monitoring indicators helps you to idealize your steps towards achieving success
  • Improve success rates and bottom-line results for all projects by creating a balanced portfolio.

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