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iEnabler is a boutique Software-enabled Innovation Consulting firm that focuses on helping organisations find their next growth curve.
iEnabler Offers an Innovation driven Growth Software Platform supported by consulting services for clients to chart their next wave of growth.
We are a team of Innovation Sherpas. We work with leadership team with a repertoire of time-tested innovation frameworks, patent-pending innovation-enablement software and lots of whiteboards. Our approach brings in structure and helps business to move from Inquiry to Impact stage.
iEnabler Software is an intelligent mentor which has structure, tools & techniques to take business from Inquiry- Identify-Ideate-Impact stage. Business could use this to chart their next growth by creating new products, services or business models. More info in Software section
Our customers have used iEnabler to create breakthrough strategies which would boost revenues, increase profits or to establish an unfair competitive advantage be it in their business models, Products, Process or Service.Our framework has been succesfully implemented in both Engineering and Service industries. More info in use cases section
These are stages in iEnabler’s approach to creating next growth wave for businesses. INQUIRE is the first stage. This is to develop shared understanding of the challenges and also ask critical questions to evaluate an organization’s competitive advantage. IDENTIFYis the second stage. This is to Spot revenue generating & true value creating growth. Growth that is beyond competition and that gives an unfair advantage to your business. IDEATE is the third stage. To create successful growth strategies, ienabler’s ideation capabilities brings together a structured framework of divergent and convergent tools. IMPACTis the last stage.This is to measure the net impact at organisation level by monetizing the concepts to create profitable outcome and create S Curves.

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